rock on

Have you ever wandered through the luxury handbag department of a store and gone into a shock when you peered at the price tag tucked inside a designer label bag? If you have, you are not alone. But understanding the artisan work, craftmanship and fine details of what goes in to making a piece from a reputable luxury brand can give you a true appreciation as to what is behind the coveted label.

Years ago, it was popular to attend designer knockoff sales held in people's homes. I myself was asked to host one, and I did (insert cringe here). Not is it only illegal to infringe on a copyright and good name, it is a support of drug trafficking and child labor through the purchasing of counterfeit goods. Several years ago, signs went up in NYC's Times Square and Chinatown to educate tourists and residents about the social costs of counterfeit and pirated goods. Now, a new law is being pushed that would make it illegal to purchase these fakes--as of now it is only illegal to sell them. Buyer beware.

Back to my blog about the real deal.  The Rockstud Collection from Valentino is a personal favorite of mine and one of the most coveted of the iconic label's designs. It is form meets fashion in its most beautiful state, with pale gold pyramid shaped studs that are hand applied, beautiful leather and a design approach that is in keeping with the longstanding vision of the Valentino label. Valentino releases this YouTube video that gives a look into the creation of one Valentino's bags.

What goes into the making of one of a reputable fashion house's beautiful pieces is fascinating to me and gives me an understanding of the hours of work and design, and the legacy that are all part of a piece like this. While I am lucky enough to own a pair of the Rockstud patent ballet flats, I have yet to purchase a bag, the Rockstud leather clutch is on my wishlist.

The bags that I bought years ago from the neighborhood counterfeit bag seller are long gone, they fell apart soon after I purchased them. After all, you really do get what you pay for. As for the Stella McCartney, the Chloe, the Celine that are carefully sitting in their dust bags on my closet shelf--they get used and appreciated for the beautiful art pieces I know they are. And someday they will be my daughter's to treasure and to use with pride. I like that part of it best of all.