new beginnings

Happy 2013!  I am ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, literally when it comes to my home sweet home.  We embarked on a long awaited remodel this past month, which includes a new master and walk in closet (hurrah!) and a new kitchen (double hurrah!)
In the interim, while we attempt to cook in the dining room with the Cuisinart Multi Cooker, a toaster and a microwave, my closet has been sent to rolling racks and cloth bins in the home office. Cringe. I consider myself a great organizer as well as a consistent purger in my closet, but this major clean out and transfer was a challenging one.  I always keep my clothes by style and then by color within that--white to black, so that putting together something new or finding my fav grey sweater is a little easier while I was dealing with the challenges of a 1920's house closet.  Rolling racks and bins are sure not my ideal, but getting everything to that space helped me see what I had and what I should part with.  Here are a few tips for making things work for you in your closet, no matter what you have going on in there.  And what is better than the new year, to get things together in your wardrobe.
First, invest in black velvet slimline hangers. Its a must. You can get them from Amazon, or from Costco in boxes of fifty.  It will not only save you a ton of space, and the velvet material keeps clothes on the hanger, not on your floor, and won't make pokey marks at the shoulders.  The consistent look will add to the organization of your things.
Second, get your things in order by color then by style.  As in white blouses, then cream, etc. While you are organizing you can purge.  And speaking of purging, it is best to do this task while you are in the mood, coffee in hand and ready for a fresh start. Don't start this task late at night when the sofa is beckoning you or you won't be as ruthless as you need to be.  Also, anything that doesn't fit goes into a pile of either alterations or giveaway.  If you have a classic blazer you love that you want to update, that can be easily done at a great tailor shop and is cheaper than investing in a new piece.  If you are waiting to fit into those skinny jeans again from a few years ago, let them go.  Trust me on this.  Unless its a tiny bit until they fit again, let it go. The style of denim will probably be totally out of date or you may not even like them anymore and then you are just wasting room in your closet. Not that I don't want to encourage you to have goals, just be realistic. :)
Same goes with fashion mistakes that are hanging there taunting you. It will be a relief to get them out of the closet and make room for the things that your really love and wear. Plus maybe some lovely new things that you buy with the money you made at the consignment shop!
A trip to Ikea for some cool cloth storage boxes on the cheap will help get your shoes, scarves, belts and other things that cause mayhem in the closet stored together beautifully.
Get going and get organized--and here's to new beginnings.  Happy happy new year my lovelies!