high five

Today I had coffee with a friend who I completely love, but our schedules always conflict, and we hardly ever get to see each other. It made me so happy to see her, and it couldn't have been a more perfect way to start off what is traditional the craziest month of the year.  You know those people you have in your life that you just pick up where you left off, even though its been forever since you have seen each other?  And no one is keeping score, you just are happy to reconnect.  (like you, Zig--xo)
Anyway, I love this friend so much, even when she kicks my you know what for being flaky or not being the person I could be. We met several years ago during decor set up for our school auction and although I had seen her around school, our children were different ages so we never talked.  It took another year and another meeting at a school auction decor setup to finally kick off our friendship.  Ever since then I feel like every time we are together I cannot stop laughing.
Friendship is a funny thing.  Sometimes friends disappoint.  They can let you down, leave you out, not be the person you thought they were.  And it can be painful, like the loss of a love.  Some friends come into our lives through common bonds, like children, work, or neighborhoods.  Or school auctions.  The most enduring friendships I have had don't mind the years or miles, different paths or busy schedules.  They are like a love that simmers, sometimes neglected, never forgotten, but to be counted on, always.
One of the best compliments I ever received was from one of my oldest & dearest friends who told me once that she knew I was one person she could call in the middle of the night and I would be there.  And I would.
My Mom told me once during a period when one of my friendships went through a painful transition, that you don't need to change friends if you understand that friends change. After I heard that, I stopped grieving the friendship I no longer had, knowing that this person would always be part of my life, just in a different way.
My friend, she is one great lady.  A mother, wife, businesswoman, graphic designer, plumber (just kidding), and all around beautiful person, she gives, celebrates, encourages, and makes the world a better place.  During our auction days we used to high five each other after we successfully completed our projects and its been a little joke between us ever since.
This season I think that the gift of friendship makes me just about the luckiest girl in the world.  I have got good people around me. Some I see every day, some hardly ever. All of them mean more to me than anything you could find on a Cyber Monday.
And high five to you, my friend.  You know who you are.