psychedelic furs

I think one of the things I love most about the fall are the textures.  Tweeds, velvet, leather, wool, cashmere and fur make keeping cozy so much more fashionable. From boots to scarfs, sweater & coats, tis the season for glam details that take things up a notch.
One of my personal favorites is fur.  Whether you go for faux or real is up to you, but nothing caught my attention more this fall than the colored furs that are everywhere.  When my uniform of gray, brown or black needs a boost I always go for a cool scarf--my favorite being my multicolored fur similar to this one that boasts a happy mix of brights & neutrals.  Want to be even more fabulous? Add a fur chubby, like this Tasha Tarno one that is spot on.
Denim have gone from being a closet staple to a whole other level of amazing colors & fabrics.  We used to have to choose just a style or wash, but now there is so much more fun to be had. Wax denim has been it for a long time, now it comes in colors, and you can add metallic, patternedvelvet to the mix.  If you have a good amount of lycra in the fabric, be sure they fit you snug, otherwise they will be a baggy mess an hour into the day.  Trust me on this.  And the style is very fitted these days, so paying attention to proportions on your top half is important.  Balance fitted with a looser fit on top, like this great chunky cable sweater from Free People.  Short boots were everywhere in New York, but super tall boots are also easy to wear with more fitted denim. Get some pants with personality--even if you don't like to stand out you can make a subtle statement with all of the choices out there.
I read this article not too long ago that claimed that women over forty should not wear leather next to their faces....I take serious issue with this.  They actually claimed that having leather next to a face that may be.... "similar" was a fashion error.  Really?  This rule seems ridiculously close to some other outdated thoughts, like cutting your hair short after a certain age or not wearing red lipstick.  I like to think of aging and fashion should be following these simple rules--dress for your body type, and don't be a slave to trend overload.  That looks good on no one.
Back to leather.  Yes, please.  I love the leather details this year, like sleeves-this Elie Tahari coat is so beautifully elegant.  And this ELEVENPARIS cardigan is the coolest sweater ever.  Mixed textures soften the look of leather, so find a soft sweater or tweed coat with leather details & you will have a match made in heaven.
I think my favorite look is not having a look, but telling a story about yourself each time you get dressed. Paul Auster says in The Brooklyn Follies, “The truth of the story lies in the details.”  I couldn't agree more.