I am continuing my obsession with bracelets that started this summer into fall, and I cannot get enough of the super stacked, piled on look.  Its one of those instances where more is well, better. The look of a chunky mens watch mixed with chain link, leather & metal, bangles, cuffs & tied silk is an instant glam look, especially when worn on both arms.  Mix your metals, show delicate & chunky together, you can go a little or alot. I like to find a common thread that makes the look come together, but you don't have to.  I also like wearing them off balance, the arm with my watch I may pile more onto, then only have three or five skinny bracelets on the opposite arm.  The look has glam, rock & roll, and a richness, and it is a great way to express yourself.  A side note, I steer clear of string, neon, or anything that my 11 year old daughter might wear.  Not that it doesn't look great on her....
My favorite bangles are made by Juliet Roger, a Seattle based jewelry designer that is an absolute favorite of mine.  She had me with the colorful semi-precious stone bangle, I have more than I care to admit, ahem, but her newest designs have me ready for more.  Her Sponge Coral & Leather Bracelets and leather & pearl bracelets make a great combination and a sneak peek at her newest braided silk bracelets that have these beautiful stones woven round the delicate rope braid-- LOVE.
And what girl doesn't love a good cuff?  Its now a wardrobe essential, in every season.  This Aurelie Bidermann plated cuff is a big fat WOW but if its a little too much commitment for you, I'd recommend the House of Harlow Etched Stack Cuff--Nicole Richie's jewelry line is always unique and well done. Another fav--the Ted Rossi Python & Gold Metal Cuff picks up on the big fall red trend & I am digging its cool metal grommets. And of course you can find the leather studded stackable bracelets just about everywhere, mix the black and brown and wear them in uneven numbers.
Dig out all your arm candy from your jewel box and figure out how to mix and unmatch your way into a great fall look that tells the world a little about you.  Instaglam!