fashion forward

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  As a Seattle resident, I have made peace with the reality that summer is almost always late to the party, but stays into the fall, making it a lovely end to what is usually the shortest season ever.  So by the time July arrives, I am might be flip flopping about in my sundresses, but my mind is on the fall fashion.  Don't hate me because I have a short attention span.  I know the realities, plus I am easily bored.   Anyway, Monica tells me Paris is still waiting for summer and she actually saw women in boots last we aren't the only ones waiting for something....this being said it is Paris, so I am sure its hard to mind too much.
I did the presale for Nordstrom's upcoming sale last week.  They offered we Fashion Rewards Members the option of doing it online this year, which was a bonus for me since I was too busy to actually go in to a store.  Unfortunately, they didn't anticipate for some unknown reason, that everyone would love that option (helloooo?) and the website was a nightmare to use, slow, with many problems.  Later that day it was corrected, but I have to say that I should have gone in.  My purchases have not yet arrived, but I was happy to see some of my favorite fall trends in the catalog. Here is a little shopping list for you girls.  And remember a few rules I personally think are for your body, not your age.  If you have to talk yourself into it, its not meant for you.  Do not wear head to toe trends, have one, possibly two things in your outfit stand out, otherwise you are a neon sign for trying too hard.  And along the lines of trying new things--do it--if you really like something--be brave!  A friend you trust is always a good idea, as long as its not your friend that might secretly be a little competitive with you, you know the person I mean.  I always have an opinion and would love to tag along, so call me.  :)
Ok, back to the list.  Here are my favorites:
1. Leather & leather details.  Leather sleeves on trenches, leather cuffs & collars on blouses, mixed media leather pieces in denim.  And look for leather legs everywhere.
2. Speaking of denim, choices could not be more exciting this fall.  I am a huge fan of wax coated denim, and metallic denim is another trend I think is brilliant.  Elle MacPherson does it perfectly with metallics that are not too tight, a loose fitting sweater, and point toe heels.  Fantastic.  Colored denim is a must--they look great now and can transfer into fall paired with grey & black. I am super psyched for my Rich & Skinny Legacy Houndstooth pair for fall--patterns that are subtle work best for me & these are perfect. Also, looked for cropped styles in pants with a slimmer leg, including the slim boyfriend.  And please don't fear the skinny jean.  Learn to wear it properly because its here to stay in one form or another.
3.  Contrast collars and cuffs.  I love the embellishments, the contrasting collar  and the blouse with a peter pan or pointed collars.  You can create your own contrast top with a patterned blouse underneath a contrasting top--just make sure the tones are the same & mix up the patterns.
4.  Shoes.  Cap toes in shoes and boots.  Super sexy in heels, classic flat or hipster in an ankle boot, this detail makes feet more fun.  And the boots.  That might be a whole other blog, but I do love the booties, like this pair of Jeffrey Campbell Fifty-One Booties that cover the green trend as well.  There is also a western look to many of the booties, as well as cowboy boots.  And wedge sneakers.  While wishing for Isabel Marant in Paris, I bought my Ash pair instead--super cool--get a pair.
5.  The oxblood or burgandy color is back and the burgundy lip is a trend that I love.  I tried a gloss in a purplish hue as a paper step & loved it--now I am going to go full on burgundy lips for fall as a cool nighttime look.  Shades of green are reappearing for fall as well as the blue & black combos that are amazing--I have always been a fan of navy & black.
6.  Snakeskin, python and snakeskin prints.  I fell for the Sam Edelmen Petty Bootie and plan on pairing them with my straight leg cropped denim, skirts, as well as skinny jeans. Python is showing up in bags and accessories--its cool in a subtle way.
More later.  Get excited for fall, even as you plan your next BBQ.  Enjoy the moment and look forward to exciting things to come!