initially yours

My friend Kacy, who is from the East Coast, and I were discussing why it is that the peeps in that part love to put their initials on everything?  Luggage, towels, handbags, shirts, sweaters.  I guess it could be pegged as a preppy style, (anyone who was around in the 80's has to have had a monogrammed sweater in pink or green, and if it wasn't monogrammed, it was Lacoste.)  Kacy explained it as "an East Coast thing" but one look at her new West Avenue gold monogram necklace  and I decided it needed to be a Lisa thing as well.
For those of you who don't know, the three initial monogram rules go as such: first name initial is on the left, middle name initial is on the right, and your last name initial is in the center. Max and Chloe is a great website for finding your specific style in monogrammed jewelry.  The classic three initial script is beautiful but I also love the Lisa Stewart Large Monogrammed Teardrop Necklace with a single initial.  I think this type of thing would be a lovely gift for a special friend.
If you want to make it personal in a subtle way, go for the Danielle Stevens Bracelet or try a more modern vibe with this awesome Serenity Cuff, also by Lisa Stewart.  West Avenue, who are the makers of Kacy's beautiful necklace, also make script monograms rings as well, but what caught my eye was the Melissa Joy Manning Alphabet rings--they curve into a single letter which would be fantastic stacked to make your initials, or those of your children or a loved one.
Remember when Carrie (aka Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex & The City wore a "Carrie" necklace as her  signature piece with all of her fabulous ensembles?  Jane Basch Jewelry has a half dozen styles of name plate necklaces if you want to emulate the look.  This designer has had quite a bit of press, and the site is devoted to monogrammed jewelry of all types--and although not all of it is my style, I love the (cheesy name alert) Leather & Lace monogrammed bracelet.  A little more rock and roll then prom queen.
You know how things come back around eventually when it comes to fashion, but there is always a little bit of a twist on it?  I think that personalized jewelry is a classic look that you can add to your collection no matter what your personal style.  I was lucky enough to inherit a lovely charm bracelet that was my great grandmother's in the late 1800's.  It has delicate round flat charms with initials, dates & words that hang off a single gold wire.  This lovely piece is timeless & personal--just like the perfect piece of jewelry should be.