breakfast at tiffany's

Today is my 16th wedding anniversary.  For many years, my husband would give me a card each year and inside would be an illustration of a little wrapped gift with the words "little blue box" written underneath it.  It was a little promise of a gift just around the corner, and I was ok with it.  Until I wasn't.  I finally had to put my foot down and tell him I didn't want any more fancy illustrations--and I was fine without the little blue box ever coming...just stop saying it might be.
Let me make something clear about my spouse, he is a lovely and generous man.  And the thing is, I think he always meant each year, after the bonus came or we finished the remodel, or he got a minute or whatever, that he would bust a move to Tiffany's, find me a treasure, and he could check the box, so to speak. And on Valentine's Day one year it did actually happen, so I am not complaining, merely story telling.  Again, this kind and thoughtful guy loves me and I know this and I certainly don't need a blue box to prove it but after awhile it was annoying, then it turned into funny, and now its a thing to tease about, and I really stopped ever thinking about it.  After all, I know how lucky I am to have his love, and that is not something that fits inside a damn box.
So this morning when an actual real live little blue Tiffany's box showed up at the breakfast table it was a bit of a surprise, and a sweet one at that.  I am not going to tell you what was inside, but lets just say it was amazing and wonderful and fit me perfectly, just like him.  Happy Anniversary.