sole mate

Recently I purchased my first pair of Dr. Martens.  I know, right?  First the diamond in my nose and now this?  haha. While I thought that the classic black Doc has never really been my kind of shoe, I saw a sassy red pair of boots online not too long ago that I absolutely fell in love with. The boot, Dr. Martens 1460 in Cherry Red Smooth, looked like a funky way to rock a spring dress, out of the ordinary and miles away from a classic ballet flat. Sign me up. Unfortunately, they were again out of stock by the time I went to buy them.  Rats.  This lead to an obsessive look for a replacement pair, which led me to research into this 51 year old company and find that I have been missing out.  There were so many styles, colors & great products and a long history of iconic footwear.
The original shoe was created by a doctor after he injured his own foot while skiing. Dr. Marten used soft leather and air padded soles, later marketed as AirWair.  Who knew that 50+ years later this footwear would run the gambit from practical work boots to floral fashion statements, there are literally hundreds of styles of shoes, sandals, and boots.  The Doc Marten black leather boot won two fashion awards at the 2010 New York City Fashion Awards, proving that this shoe is not just for your punk little brother.
I finally settled on the Dr. Martens Rosie Rose Cut-Out 14 Eye Boot in White Smooth.   They are a feminine (really!) twist on the classic boot, with rose shaped cutouts on the side of each boot--super cute with a pair of tights and a dress or bare legs underneath.  Think they are too "clodhopper" for you?  Step outside your comfort zone and see for yourself at