california dreaming

Last week I was lucky enough to escape the soggy Seattle area and go soak up the sun in Palm Springs.  Since it was a beautiful 85 degrees every day, that helped me get a big dose of Vitamin D that I really needed.  Pool, cocktails, shopping, dinner, repeat.  For three lovely days.  Heaven.
We walked to town on Saturday into old Palm Springs and did a bit of shopping.  I always have a red flag up in my head during vacation shopping, when one can have a bit of that "when in Rome" sort of attitude towards things and end up with some items that don't translate back to your life or closet once you get home, such as tropical print sarongs, or anything with shells attached to them.  Right.
I love Trina Turk which is California cool and got that cool 60's & 70's vibe to everything.  Her Bohemian style clothing & swimwear pairs bright modern patterns against sharp black and bright white.  So when I spied her jewelry line I was totally enamored.  I especially loved her rings, which ran a bit on the small side and, hoorah!, actually fit my size four ring finger!  The Blocked Classic Enamel Rings were great, as were the bangles, especially the Pierced Bangle in rose gold, a color you don't find as often.  She also has a Sunburst Cuff that was tempting, but I ended up with the Solataire Ring, which had a orange stone held very high with four prongs--elegant & classy fun.
While I was trying on a dress, my husband snagged something from the new Mr. Turk line, which surprised me since he thought everything was a bit loud for him.  Guess not!  Next door there is a Trina Turk Home store with fantastic pillows, vases, ceramic birds, bowls and all the things I need for my beach house.  Wait, I don't have a beach house.  See what I mean?  Ok, maybe for the bookshelf in my dark Seattle house, to brighten things up a bit.  Even if you can't get to California right now, you can think sun and warmer temps and spring with a little something bright.  Dream on girl.