new york, new york

Today I am flying off to The Big Apple with my friend, Kacy. The forecast for NYC is partly cloudy with 100% chance of shopping, eating, cocktails and fun. I absolutely LOVE New York. Love the feeling of the city, the energy when you get out on the street. Ms. Kacy used to live in New York, and true to form, as she is known around here as the "Mayor of Queen Anne", it is not surprising that that her dance card is already full of friends to meet, things to do, family. She is the perfect travel companion and I am looking forward to a much needed getaway weekend.
On my list, some major shopping in the West Village and Soho, including Barbara Bui, Scoop, Intermix, and maybe a peek at the Kardashian sister's newest Dash on Spring Street. New York magazine had a great section on vintage shops in NYC, so we are going to explore that for sure. And of course, 5th Avenue--Saks, Bergdorf, and a quick dash into American Girl for my own little almost ten year old.
When not shopping (which will be most of the time for me!) we plan on wandering, eating at Il Mulino and maybe "21" with Kacy's parents, plus a taping of the Jimmy Fallon show. I know, I am lucky to go on this trip.
Plan on blogging from the Big Apple about a couple of fashion dilemmas--including--are leather shorts for the 20-30 crowd? Do over the knee leg warmers look chic or like you are trying too hard? And how much stuff can I fit into my bag for the trip home?
Stay tuned--and thank you, David. For everything.