fancy pants

My confidence took a hit this week. For a minute there I wasn't even sure if I should even be blogging about fashion at all to anyone, since I couldn't seem to get it together. Couldn't make up my mind. Panic ensued. And I don't panic when it comes to the fun of getting dressed up--I usually love it.
We are going to a Children's Hospital Auction on Saturday night and its always fun to get a chance to glam up a bit and go out with my sweetie. Unfortunately, several factors turned me into a total maniac about what I am wearing to this event, something that doesn't normally happen to me. Usually, I have a thought about what I want to wear and then work it out in my head until the last minute. Its a bit like trying a new recipe for company, I like the thrill of figuring it out all and making it work in the eleventh hour. Helps the creative process to throw a little last minute in there.
But I was also feeling like I should "shop in my closet". Not buy anything new, and mix up my things for a new look. I would love to proudly blog that that is what I did, but its not true. I tried on every dress, top, bottom I own..... pulled out shoes, bags, accessories. Its a funny time of year with the weather, and many of my things are too summery. It is not a black tie event. And even though I believe that sparkle, sequins and statements are great for any time of the day or year, it isn't really holiday dressing time either. Wrong color, wrong size....we have all been there. Arrrg!
So, here is my confession--I did buy something new, but it is a something that I can wear in my regular life too. Purchased the J Brand (which I love love love) waxed denim skinny jeans in venom (black).   The salesgirl told me they looked "sick" they were so great. Um, ok? Well, I did love them. They fit like a glove, are both a dressy jean and a soft leatherlish looking pant that is just different. I love different. I then added my own sparkly top, Prada booties, and black chandelier earrings. So I half shopped my closet. The jeans can be worn with a cozy sweater & boots to dress them down too, so its not going to be a purchase that hangs in my closet and is only good for a party. How is my justification working? All I know is I like standing out in a crowd, so fancy pants instead of the usual party dress will hopefully fit the bill for party time, and be a great addition to my wardrobe as well.
If you don't like flying by the seat of your pants, like me, :) then I recommend giving your outfit a test run before party day. Because there is nothing more beautiful than confidence.