cheap thrills

I am, without a doubt, a Barneys girl. Or maybe I dream of being a Barneys Girl. Even when I can only afford to look and think and leave empty handed, I still love the big B. I used to think it was museum like and scary in there, but once I found a lovely sales girl and learned the ins and outs of steals off the sale rack (like my Vince leather jacket--$69.00--yes, you heard right) and online deals (grey James skinny jeans- $49!!)--I decided its a favorite spot. You can get a current look in Co-Op in Barneys, the section with less zeros on the price tags. Check it out--its worth a look.
Today I went to the emporium of the cheap thrill, H&M. My sister in law had stopped by earlier in the week with a pretty grey sweater belted with a black ribbon from there--and it reminded me that I hadn't visited in a long time. Jackpot!!! There was a brand new "pleather" limited release motorcycle jacket with shearling that was, what, was I reading that correctly, $29.95! Super cute! Not cheap looking! Sold! I also bought a, crazy as it sounds, leather top--not tight, not sketchy looking or low cut, but cool and hip and fun. Loved it. It looked as good on as it did on the scary mannequin, and I walked out of there happy.
Some things you must spend some money on--I for one am not a fan of the cheap handbag, but mixing your lows and your highs is always a good thing--if you find something fab in the land of the good deals make sure you love it for what it is before you buy and not just the price--then pair it with something out of your own closet that you love already and you'll have a new look. And your wallet & your closet will thank you, you clever girl.