a vested interest

Whoa! Has it really been a month since I have written? Ok, quickly, the reunion was FABULOUS! Loved it. It was so incredible to see these faces and places that have been in my memory, and it was like I had never left them. The best part about it was seeing the people from my life long ago and having the feeling like we were picking up a conversation from the week before--and another feeling, no, knowing, that they were as happy to see me as I was to to see them. All great stuff. I lived on the memory of it for long after it ended. Until we meet again my friends........
Ok, now I can get back to chatting about fashion. You can tune out now, Todd. I don't want you suffer from another overload. :) Anyway, I have been traveling a lot so I have been working on the fall fashion in bits and pieces, trying to figure out how to update what I have with what is new out there. I have consistently been attracted to the same thing over and over--vests. There was a kind of sleeveless sweater out last year that I did not like for me at all, but these are different. I bought the Michael Stars cashmere sweater vest with its long front and cropped back--a great layering piece that will work now with a white t-shirt or tank and in the fall with a long skinny top underneath. A big fan of the Sanctuary shorts and pants this spring, I fell in love with the faux mink fur vest with front leather trim--it will definitely be fun with jeans tucked into tall boots. Finally, I had to have Juicy Couture's newest faux (again) fur toggle front hoodie vest. Juicy comes out with the best fur coats every fall--this great outerwear is so hip, and this year they have taken the vest and made it fabulous--fun fake fur, tweed and lots more to keep you cozy and cool this fall. Fall is around the corner, ladies. Hoorah!!


  1. Lisa. I need some help finding an outfit for an event in Denver. Where would you go and what would you buy for an event with the dress as "Jet Set Cocktail"?

    Katie (Sarah's friend)

  2. Hi Katie--
    I had to look up "Jet Set" just to see what the official note on that is and it said it was an international set of wealthy people who traveled extensively for pleasure. Exactly my life! Just kidding. I am thinking that you could take a spin through downtown and find what you need--I love Sway & Cake, and the I think the people at Savvy in Nordstrom downtown are great. (Expecially if you are limited on time and want a one stop shop). I would go for a short dress with opaque tights, wedge booties and a maybe a short leather jacket or boyfriend blazer thrown over. Esepcially if its cocktail, have something that sparkles too, to go with your beautiful sparkly self. Have fun!!! xo


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